watch winder

You have some choices of automatic watch winder available in the market. You may get difficulties selecting the most appropriate watch winder to the use and taste of automatic watches. It is versatile in which a case turns into a watch. It must fulfill some different criteria to fill collectors’ expectations. It includes a technical criterion, adaptation, durability, and design. 

  1. Turns Per A Day and Rotation 

Firstly, a turning case must enable you to keep the power backup of all watches. It implies that the motor can turn to clockwise, opposite of clockwise, and in two directions. It also implies the possibility of settings for TPD numbers with precision. It includes a turn per day to get the best number of TPD. 

  1. Attention 

The function of an automatic watch winder is to keep the power backup of automatic watches. It doesn’t throw a mechanism before. The manufacturer recommends you to keep a regular retention period in a revolution cycle. The retention period is stimulating a natural period for the rest of the watches when you wear it during exercises and activities. A watch winder must make a turn until the watch returns and stop turning for some hours. It leaves a chronograph on the power backup before continuing the turn. 

  1. The Size of Strap 

For the users’ comfort purpose and optimal time punctual in a revolution cycle, a high-quality watch winder must offer a flexible watch available in some sizes. It is to adapt easily to all sizes of watch straps. A watch winder is functional to be a versatile space for your watch collection. It must fulfill three essential criteria of a recommended watch winder. Those are practicality, strength, and autonomy. 

  1. Practicality 

The form must help you to save it efficiently in the drawer or storage. The access to a watch must be simple and fast without handling it difficulty. In addition, it must be silent to avoid disturbing your quietness. Furthermore, if you put it near a bedroom. You surely love a silent watch winder in which it doesn’t disturb your sleeping time and the light turns on along the night. 

  1. Strength 

A high-quality automatic watch winder must ensure the security of watches optimally. Thus, you must prove the strength of the watches. When you use it for your traveling time for automatic watches, you must check it. The battery must last for 1 to 2 years with an electricity outlet. 

Those are some things about choosing watch winders for your watch collection.