watch winder

What is 3 watch winder? Watch winder is a tool with functions to keep and rotate the automatic watch. Automatic watches indeed have some characteristics different from other types of watches. If you don’t wear them for a long time, they may stop rotating. And if you keep them that way, sooner or later, the watch may be damaged. That’s why watching winder is very important mainly if you are a collector.

Why 3 Watch Winder

Watch winder products are available in many options. Not only you can choose its design and color but also the number of slots in every product. Some watch winders indeed have only a slot. It means you can only put a watch there. But many other products are with more than a slot. You can put 2 or more watches there.

3 watch winder is considered ideal as you can place 3 watches at once. Sure, it saves place while making your collections look neat and stylish. So, how if your watches are more than one? Of course, it is okay to have more than one 3 watch winder. That’s why watch winder with many slots is more recommended for collectors as they can really be more effective.

Aesthetic Designs

Winding automatic watches is the main function of the watch winder for sure. But of course, people buy it because it can make their collections look good when not being worn. Watch winder itself is designed aesthetically with some decorations here and there. Even the producers of the products are indeed real artists.

So, you can choose whether you prefer a classic or modern winder. You can also match the color to make them look good with your automatic watch collections. Buying a watch winder with 1, 2, or 5 slots is okay. But there is always a reason why 3 watch winder is a better choice.